Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"And then I read" by Myers

When i read "And then I read" by myers it seemed very passionitive about writing. He persuades you that reading a writing are one in the same. You have to be a good reader to be a good writer. When he was talking about how he is very close with his mother i can relate because im close with my mother too. When he would talk to his mother he not only heard the words she was saying he could use them to, so that made his vocabulary even bigger; and having a wide range of vocabulary your writing would be more intelligent. I feel that he was very passionitive about writing but since his family couldnt send him off to college he just wanted to quit because there would be no reason to go to high school if you cant go to college.Finally he noticed after going to the army that his passion is for language, and he wants writing and reading to be his career. He tells you about how you need to add research to make your writing better and so that people will actually understand and believe what you are saying; not thinking that you are writing random words down. Also he persuades you to write about what you know and how you feel about it.

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